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About us


In 2005 , STC-STACAB LDA was born in the city of Esposende, forming a partnership with a group founded in 1982 , Sumicarol, with experience for more than 20 years in the world of industrial abrasives. Today, together, we are proud to be a benchmark company in the world of abrasives.
STC Stacab

We expand our facilities

In 2009 due to market needs, we changed our facilities, thus doubling our production capacities. We have expanded our product line, including a disc production line for the automotive sector.

In 2015 , we again increased our range of manufactured products, including flap discs, incorporating in STC-STACAB, LDA the best technology in the manufacture of these discs.

In 2019 , 10 years later, we again see the need to increase our facilities, this time we moved to a new industrial warehouse in the beautiful city of Barcelos.

We currently have facilities 10 times the size of our beginnings.

In 2020 , we again increased our production capacities, incorporating 3 new fully automated lines, in order to better meet the needs of the current market and of our main customers.

Quality guarantee

Quality is our mission

Since the beginning of STC-STACAB, LDA, we have focused on offering our customers a quality product, the result of our experience, commitment, dedication, professionalism, competence and continuous and daily effort. The entire policy of STC-STACAB, LDA has as its main objective the total satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we promise that all our manufacturing complies with and respects the European standard EN-13743: 2017.

STC-STACAB, LDA principles

We are currently a solid company in the market for the production and marketing of abrasives, which are characterized by their remarkable and incomparable quality / price ratio.

Our flexibility, production capacity, technology and knowledge of the product and its applications allow us to satisfy the highest demands of our clients, adapting to all their needs, both at a technical and production level.

We also have as partners an excellent diversity of suppliers from around the world, leaders in the manufacture of products for the abrasive industry and that, therefore, accompany our growth and our needs.

We have a team of qualified professionals in all areas, so that the end result is a service and a product of excellence. We have an agile and solid sales network, constantly motivated to offer each client a diverse range of products and services with the highest technological level.

In addition to being specialized in the entire range of abrasive products (such as sandpaper, cutting discs, abrasive discs, grinding wheels, surface polishing products, etc.), we also expand our field of activity to cutting tools, saws. tape, carbide burs, drills and many other items, always with high quality products, high technology and maximum performance.